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Ro 800-1300

Brushing machine with rotating technology, with a strong steel frame for continuous and industrial use. The size and the advantageous price make it the best selling of the QuickWood range. For perfect sanding and brushing




• Wood: Sanding and sealer sanding of kitchen furniture, doors and panels in general
• Metal: deburring After laser cutting, surface glazing


• Rotation of the 4 brushes
• Electric lrise and fall of the working head
• Speed adjustment: Brushes, carousel, carpet
RO machines are available with three different parts feeding systems:
• Standard, with full-width grip faced conveyor or vacuum conveyor
• Adjustable conveyor belts and side fence electrically adjustable width
• Vacuum pump housing in the machine body
• Eliminates 100% of the sanding fibres
• Reduce sealer sanding considerably
• Smoothing of the corners and good blending effect
• High efficiency due to the 4 left and right rotating sanding shafts