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Born in 1989 as Quick Wood Italy, with the aim of serving the demand of the Italian market in a more present and immediate way than ever before from Denmark, original mother house.

Quickwood today is a small multinational company for the production and marketing of machines for the finishing of wood, metal, plastics, stone and textile.

High technology and innovation are part of our company.

We are among the first companies in the world to have converted the concept of flexible abrasive brushes into models of brushing machines and brushing tools for the treatment and finishing of surfaces.
Applications are those relating to the furniture sector in general, the production of doors and doors, the sector of the window (Windows, shutters, dark and doors with shaped and ashlar surfaces), that of chairs and armchairs, of components for Toiletteria and bathroom, and other microcomponents

The Quickwood system consists in practice in achieving a preparation of the raw material using brushes in flexible abrasive paper of appropriate grain, which allows the removal of all the surfacing fibres, caused by the sanding tape and a slight bevel of the sharp edges. Subsequently, a second passage on the coat of sealer varnish (or bottom) will allow the perfect sanding of the base coat.

Regarding the uses, the typical ones relate to the painted surface finish of both wood
that of the MDF material, and the treatment of wood surfaces such as the rustic, polishing of wax and oil, polishing with abrasive paste and perfect cleaning from dust, and traces of glue and paint.


The innovation of the Quickwood Finishing System is that all that needs to be sanded on the bottom manually can be done with Quickwood machines.

You will be able to record the following advantages:

  • Continuous, constant and automatic cycle
  • Certainty of sanding times and costs
  • Reduction of the amount of paint applied on the pieces
  • Reducing the release of pollutants based on paint dust

We strive to provide you with efficient and reliable machines, which are designed and manufactured in ITALY.

Listening to our customers is our priority.