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The panorama of flexible abrasive brushing solutions is as follows


Adaptable to any shape with extreme aggressiveness.

– wood sanding with both concave and convex profiles
– Rods, beads, skirting boards, shaped profiles in general
– Sanding of hard funds such as polyurethane and polyester
– Polishing of wax, oil and metal

The A-flex abrasive fibre elements are made with a straight brush of Tampico on which is applied a sheet of abrasive canvas with grain of jagged choice self-adhesive.


Body with oblique grooves for enhanced edge protection.

– Smoothing on the edges.
– Is the ideal body for support in “”dense”” tampico


Maximum ease of regeneration: the support is maintained and only the abrasive strips are replaced. Four advantages in one: Quick strip-universal cut-double grain-quick edge.

– equally effective for both flat surfaces and narrow and deep profiles.
– Can be very effective on the side edges with the quick edge system.
– Excellent combination of smoothing power and brush life.
– Possibility of use on quickwood machines or those of other brands.
– Patented system.”


Quick-disc oscillating abrasive blades. Super finish of shaped surfaces. Exceptional working life.

– A finish of the wood without sanding hair
– For smooth chamfering of sharp edges
– For the sanding of the impregnating and the bottom
– To optimize workforce and consumption

Saving of the sanding time of the bottom, considerable savings in the amount of paint used, a sensible reduction of the pollution in the surrounding environment.


Combined oscillating brush composed of wheels in tufts of Tynex intercalated with discs of abrasive canvas.

– Oscillating abrasive action in depth
– Great respect for the angles added to an absolute smoothing efficacy
– High flexibility thanks to the application of polystyrene spacers
– Possibility of application of discs in Tynex, Tampico or nylon for particular woods – Greater aggression and penetration


Compact cloth disc abrasives.
– A finish of the wood without sanding fibres
– For a better finish on complicated profiles
– Ideal for small components
– Long working life
– Quick Star discs are ideal for the pneumatic hand tool F3
– Available in 2 sizes of external diameter: 140mm and 180mm
– Inner diameter 50 mm, or 50mm hexagonal hole
– As a single abrasive face the Quick Star can be mounted in a variety of ways


Quickwood Modular oscillating discs. The maximum smoothing of the wood shaped surfaces, the sanding of the bottom and the treatment of the surfaces in pairs with QD.

Any type of filament material from polypropylene to steel, from nylon to natural fibres, to bronze and to what is available on the market. For finished results such as Antique rustic, polishing, cleaning ect


One-piece single cylinder brush for quick and convenient replacement.

Suitable for the “antique effect” rustic of hardwoods (ash, chestnut, oak, etc.) with tufts in steel or brass and stranded, in different thicknesses and lengths for the various finishes (brushed, grained , open pore). For that of softwoods or conifers (pine, fir, larch) by we recomend Tufts in Tynex (abrasive Nylon) in different grits.