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CD/600 – 900 – 1300   CDI/600 – 900 – 1300

Automatic machine with horizontal brushes. Suitable for brushing and rustic effect of panels and profiles on the top face of the material.

In the CDI version uses independant brush height control, to allow the use of brushes of different materials (steel, Tynex, abrasive).



• Sanding of flat or slightly shaped panels
• Sanding of rods, profiles and mullions of doors and windows
• Treatment of straight objects with shaped profile
• Rustic Flooring in general


• Rotating shafts with continuously adjustable speed by inverter
• Workpiece pressure system with rubberized rollers, adjustable in height
• Advancement of the workpiece consisting of a high-adhesion honeycomb
• Inclination and oscillation of the brushes on request
• Quickwood system for "quick change" of brushes
• Structure in strong welded steel profiles to avoid vibration
• Modular design of the machine allowing applications from 2 up to 10 consecutive working groups
• High production capacity
• Easy to use