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QRC 7/900-9/1300-14/1350

Oscillating cup brush sanding machine. Suitable for the finishing of panels, doors and mouldings in narrow spaces.

The QRC machine can also be used for high gloss finishing with the PRO Power for polishing, thus obtaining a perfectly scratch free, glossy and brilliant panel.

It can also be used, by changing the abrasives, on the metal deburring and on the treatment of stone surfaces.



• Wood: finishing of panels, doors and kitchen doors
• Metal: deburring double laser cutting
• Stone: finish of ceramic surface and outdoor tables

• Double/triple row of staggered sanding cups, with the rotation speed controlled by inverter
• Side to side reciprocation of the sanding cups controlled by inverter
• Sanding cups with reverse direction, allow to be fitted with different grits of abrasive on both sidesof the brush
• High power Vacuum belt for feeding and sealing of pieces
• The bevel effect of the edges, combined with the action of the rotating brushes, is very effective
• Extremely easy and fast system to replace the sanding brushes, as Quickwood tradition
• Extremely compact machine, to be easily integrated into tight spaces of existing production lines
• Quality performance from a low priced machine