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PRO 900/4 – 1300/4 – 1100/8 – 1400/8

Rotating brushing machine for sanding panels and wood, MDF or other composite materials.

The brushing top of the shaped.



• Cupboard sides and bottoms
• Raised panels and doors
• Shelving
• Untrested and painted MDF elements
• Laminated doors and panels
• Waxed items


• 4/8 right-left rotating spindles
• Graduated electronic adjustment of brush and carrousel speed
• Electrical adjustment of working heights
• Three different types of belt, vacuum, standard and width adjustable belt.
• Noiseless vacuum pump - no silencer needed
• Powerful machine with high production capacity
• Even sanding in all directions
• Sanding action also in the central part of the brush alignment thanks to a offset of the gear heads
• Reduction of the machine setting times thanks to the reversal of the brush rotation direction and the use of two different grits of abrasive (clockwise and counterclockwise rotation) for fine finish and sealer sanding