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Automatic machine for polishing flat panels by distributing abrasive paste with cotton mops, in order to eliminate any impurities or imperfections on the lacquered surface.




• High Gloss Polishing of Panels
• Rustic assembled panels when the machine is fitted with Rustic brushes


• Rotating carousel equipped with 4 or 8 cotton brushes of 400 mm diameter
• Central control Unit with PLC for working pressure monitoring and programming, carousel speed, brush speed and feed speed
• Control Panel and 12 "Colour touch screen display
• Vacuum conveyor belt with electronic control
• Pneumatic tension and centering of the conveyor belt
• optional extra request of conveyor cleaning system
• Automatic distribution of the abrasive paste for high gloss polishing
• Control of all motors via inverter for speed control
• Possibility of use of a horizontal brush 1400mm wide positioned at infeed or outfeed
• Uniformity of polishing on the entire surface of the panel
• High production capacity (between 1 and 2 m²/min) as continuous machine
• Reduced consumption of abrasive paste since the application of the same is controlled by PLC and distributed directly on the brush and not on the surface of the workpiece
• Considerable reduction of manual work, used in polishing