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Hand tool


Air tool , small diameter-light weight. Suitable for sanding and brushing.       Applications   • Corners • Narrow Profiles • Difficult spots • Suitable for the treatment of denim... read more →


Manual pneumatic tool suitable for the sanding of the raw wood and for sealer sanding, also used for the polishing of the wax or the stripping of old windows and... read more →


Manual pneumatic double handle tool for quick disc brushes or other QuickWood brush systems, suitable for both the sanding of the wood, the sealer sanding and polishing of wax. Particularly... read more →


Tiltable Sander table with a brush.       Applications   • Sanding the raw and sealer sanding of straight, curved and shaped profiles • Sanding of furniture in general both... read more →


Automatic machine with two vertical or horizontal brushes for sanding, finishing of curved parts.       Applications   • Brushing of the raw and sealer sanding of curved and shaped... read more →


Automatic machine with four brushes arranged at 360 ° for sanding, finishing of shaped parts.       Applications   • Brushing of the rough and sealer sanding of curved and... read more →


Edge Sander with air cushion table 1700 x 700 mm, for workpieces with significant dimensions and weight. Operation with independent pump or simply compressed air.       Applications   •... read more →